Having health insurance is important for an individual and their family because medical needs are expensive. This is particularly true in the private sector. Unless you have proper health insurance coverage, your health service expensive make a big hole in your wallet and ruin your finances. It’s in this context that MediShield Life is extremely helpful.

What is MediShield Life?

MediShield Life Defined

Administered by the Central Provident Fund, MediShield offers protection for life for all. In other words, MediShield Life is a health insurance plan that is meant for all citizens of Singapore and permanent residents. MediShield Life protects these groups of people from the high hospital expenses bills irrespective of your health condition or age.

This article discusses the various aspects of MediShield Life including eligibility, benefits, how to accrue the benefits and so on.


To avail of the benefit of MediShield life, an individual should be a citizen and permanent resident of Singapore. Such individuals as very old and those having pre-existing conditions including cancer, blood disorders, liver disease, autoimmune system diseases to mention a few).


Under MediShield Life, as a citizen of Singapore, you are entitled to get subsidized treatment in all public hospitals and those of B2/C-type wards. Even if you stay in A/B1 type of ward or a private hospital, you are entitled to get the benefits under MediShield Life.

Note that your MediShield will cover merely a tiny part of your bill. You will have to pay from MediSave or cash to pay the remaining amount. It may be noted that MediSave is a medical saving scheme in Singapore at the national level and helps eligible members to keep part of the income in MediSave account to meet their future personal hospitalization, expenses on account of day surgery and a few outpatient expenses.

Enhancing MediShield Life

As you age, and your family members grow older, each of you needs distinct health insurance coverage. This may entail the enhancement of your health insurance cover. In other words, you should contribute more to your MediShield by buying MediSave.

If you’re planning to use A/B1-type ward in a public hospital or go to a private hospital for hospitalization in future, you have the option to buy a private Integrated Shield Plan duly approved by MediSave. Such a plan includes MediShield Life and private insurance cover that offers additional benefits and coverage.

If you have an IP, you’re covered by MediShield Life. The premiums paid to private insurance includes the premium for the MediShield Life part.

Note that if you have an Integrated Shield Plan (IP), you will have MediShield Life by default. You will not have to buy any duplicate coverage. There is no need for payment of the premium twice.

Now the Moot Question is Which IP Should I Opt For?

The main insurers in Singapore offer a group of integrated Shield Plans such that the extent of coverage you need is based on the type of hospital or ward you like to choose to stay at.


As a basic health insurance cover, MediShield Life covers expensive treatment. This includes chemotherapy for cancer, outpatient charges, dialysis and so on. The convenience in this insurance coverage is that you can pay a little and accrue considerable benefits. Therefore, no sensible Singapore citizen can afford to miss it.

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