Before understanding integrated shield plans, you have to understand what is MediShield life? MediShield life is a kind of health insurance, more like basic health insurance.

The integrated shield plan is basically the upgraded version of MediShield life. It will provide you more coverage than MediShield life. The main purpose of this kind of plans is to provide you financial help in times of emergency.

What Is Integrated Shield Plans?

For example – Suppose if you met a danger accident, then these plans will support you to clear your hospital bills. MediShield life different from Integrated shield plans because of the MediShield life will only give you subsidy in public hospitals. Integrated shield plans generally consist of two parts:

  1. It will cover all the benefits from your previous MediShield life.
  2. Along with all the benefits of MediShield Life, it will give the additional coverage from a private insurer.

If you have paid for your MediShield life from your MediSave account, then if you are thinking to upgrade to integrated shield plan you just have to top by cash or MediSave account. You will get all the benefits of MediShield life if you have integrated shield plans.

When You Should Upgrade to an Integrated Shield Plan?

In case if you are confused about choosing an integrated shield plan or not, then you should consider these two things.

  1. If you are comfortable with public hospitals and the B2 or c class wards, then the MediShield life will cover all your bills and is perfect for you. But if you wish to be treated in a private hospital or in A-class ward or if you want to choose your own doctor, then you should opt for an integrated shield plan.
  2. If you don’t have a good inflow of money, then you should not upgrade to the integrated shield plan. You should only upgrade to an integrated shield plan when you have the proper inflow of money and can continue it for a long term. Integrated shield plans are higher in price in comparison to MediShield life and the premium of integrated shield plans also increases with time.

Important Things to Know Before Opt for Integrated Shield Plan

  • It provides better protection and the payouts are higher. It ensures that the patient has to pay less.
  • It provides protection for life. It also provides premium subsidies for average class people.
  • The MediShield life is also affordable. There are fewer chances of anyone opting out from MediShield life due to insufficient funds.

At last, Both MediShield and Integrated Shield plans have its own place. MediShield Life is best for people who have low budgets but have fewer benefits. Integrated shield plan provides a lot of other benefits like extra protection. You should always opt for something that suits you and your lifestyle without disturbing your basic necessities.

You can also switch from an integrated shield plan to the other plans if you cannot pay the premiums for the integrated shield plan. I hope that this article will clear all your doubts on Integrated Shield plans, together with MediShield life.

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